1. an exhibition in a magazine, a project in which each artist is asked to address the magazine page as an exhibition space and conceive a site specific project.

2. permanent installation, edouard merino collection, monte carlo.

3. dominique gonzalez-foerster, "un morceau d'histoire blanche" (a fragment of a white story), in gazette, a group project published in cologne in 1991.

4. a multiple published by editions belle haleine, paris, 1990. it consists of three frames of different sizes with colored plexiglas-orange, purple, and green-to be filled (or not) with the purchaser's own clues.

5. ibid., editions belle haleine.

6. installed at centre d'art contemporain de guérigny, france, 1989. the installation consisted of seven colored plexiglas panels whose heights and widths were sized after a random group of people. they were installed in the landscape and one could walk around and look through them.

7. ibid., editions belle haleine.

8. installation at the brussels art fair, spring 1991.

9. a police story by gaston laroux (french novelist) published in 1907.

10. paul ricover, temps et recit, paris, 1983, edition du seuil.

11. ada en ada, video-installation, centre national des arts plastique, paris, 1989.

12. the daughter of a taoist, partly installed in new york, fall 1991, and then in full, cologne, 1991.

13. ibid., editions belle haleine.

14. extrait du cabinet blanc (fragments of a white closet). installation in clisson, france, winter 1992.