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1990	I am for you, Ich bin fur Sie. on the street, NY & Cologne, GERMANY

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1988	Carl Andre killed his wife, NY


Touching the other to pace the space in between. 
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Let us be known by what we believe in.
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Your philanthropy is our sculpture.
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And alone, we live. together. 
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Passing through to another for finding out. 
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We both belong.  Thank you for entering this shared space, our third sculpture. 
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Perhaps. Slow down. 
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Please slow down and listen. 
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We are here to give away 23 paintings. 
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I need you to help me make a sculpture. 
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We are the social sculpture!...This moment is for you. 
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We are the social sculpture!...From one to another I am for you. 
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We are the social sculpture!...I wish to share an understanding of life. 
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We are the social sculpture!...I wish to open up our understanding of life. 
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During the time of Casual Ceremony.  
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