The sculpture was cast in an edition of two: one was given to Barnaba and one was left at the point on which I met him in Campo Santa Margherita. The object left at the Campo lasted about ten minutes. At first people just accidentally kicked it around, some trying to read the text. But, then, at about eight minutes, two boys, about ten years old, picked it up, appeared suprised that they could remove it from the ground, and went to return it, dropping it to the ground. It broke into three parts at which point the boys ran about 50 feet away, stopped, and then looked around to see if anyone noticed. When no one did, they laughed and walked away. Within seconds another two boys walked up, started stomping on the parts and trying to read the text without picking up the parts. After some moments, they left whereupon the first two boys reappeared, picked up the various parts (four at this point), hid them behind their backs, and ran off. When I returned two days later, a child had drawn a multi-pointed star on the cobblestones with a small chip left behind. The next morning a big rain storm washed away the drawing and any remains.

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