I am for You, Ich bin für Sie.
1990-92. New York and Cologne.

On four different days in each city, four participants handed out four different flyers on four corners of four different intersections.

They each wore a jumpsuit which said "I am for You" (in Germany the suits and flyers were also in German), and stood on the street for about three hours each day. The flyers each began with "We are the Social Sculpture. This is the Third Sculpture. You are the Thinking Sculpture." and, then, go on to explain each concept. Each flyer emphasized a different aspect. The participants talked to the passersby and answered any questions that they might have had. I was always on hand to give assistance, if necessary.

Responses varied from "Am I a sculpture?" to "You will go to Hell!" to one store (Tiffany's) which tried to have us arrested. We had a total of 11,750 flyers taken, each being what I consider to be a point of contact. Each intersection was in a demographically different neighborhood.

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