Individual Exhibitions:

1995	From the Artmachine, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

1996	David Zwirner Gallery, New York

1997	Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
	Galerie Georges Philippe Vallois, Paris
	ICA/Toshiba Art and innovation Award Exhibition

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1995	Institute of Cultural Anxiety, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
	Disneyland After Dark, Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala (catalogue)
	Night and Day, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

1996	Pandemonium, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
	Surfing Systems, Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel and tour (catalogue)
	White Hysteria, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia
	Disneyland After Dark, Kunstamt Kreuzberg/Bethanen
	In Passing, The Tannery, London
	Madame ma Conscience, Galerie Georges-Philippe Vallois, Paris
	On a Clear Dat..., Cambridge Dark Room, First Site, Focal Point, John Hansard Gallery, ICA, Middlesborough Art Gallery (catalogue)
	Monsieur ma Conscience, Friche Belle De Mai, Marseilles
	Superstore Deluxe, UP & Co., New York
	Art and Innovation Shortlist Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

1997	Dissolution, Laurent Delaye, London

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