as modern man we have come to interpret 
the uncontrollable forces of nature 
as a progression called evolution.  

darwinian evolution reassures us 
that the universe has a linear direction 
and that direction is towards a more perfect goal 
than our current condition.

AZ administration services sees itself 
as a descendant of early twentieth century modernist ambitions 
to redesign the facets  of our environment.
the designer now has a new role to play in society, 
that of the authority of expert.  
matters which were previously allotted 
to manual laborers or artisans 
are now the jurisdiction  of specialized administration.  
the designer is empowered by the moral obligation to society.
by assuming the role of destiny 
we have embarked on an eternal search for the ultimate system to cure our ailments...
to satisfy the insatiable...and so, as one system crumbles, the next is built.

i see design as a hybrid between fine arts and applied arts. 
design has a direct if forced consequence upon our lives