Julia Scher + Benjamin Weil


A Presentation

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BW: The web is a space that collapses workspace and distribution space, or viewing space. The work space is both the studio and the canvas - in French, "la toile" refers both to the idea of canvas and the idea of the web. That is an interesting idea. Because the web is a conflation of the canvas - so to speak - and the studio.


JS: The web is always there. It is not a place that requires specific time of attendance, it transcends the issue of context in the physical understanding of the term. I can be at a web bar, I can be in my home late at night, I can be watching with a bunch of people and comment on what's happening, it can be an individual or shared experience. There is no prerequisite. I input my own context when I log on, and the pages that come up on the screen are tainted by the conditions in which I view them.

JS: The web is adaptive. It creates a different level of motion. Time functions differently. Work evolves, it is an open field of experiment. I can add something, remove something, re-link two pages, in an ever evolving context. Technology is changing - that also make the whole thing look very different from one day to the next.

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