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April 15, 1996 - MoMA

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1 / introduction: "Computers in the 1990s promise a dynamic intimacy of machine human cooperation that so far continues to exceed the practical limits of consumer technology."
2 / Benjamin Weil " It's really completely undefined. There's no start. There's no finish. So there's a really wide scan of experience. "
3 / Julia Scher " I talk kind of like what is happening on the web."
4 / Julia Scher, continued " It is not just a production of excrement."
5 / Julia Scher, continued "... A server allows you a direct live feed access probe two-way, thousand-way interface into the Ether of the Internet, a place where motion, time, destination, reality, cost, identification, production, Hollywood are all changing and shifting at the same time."
6 / Q & A " if the web indeed becomes a real exhibition space, what do you think is going to happen to museums?"
7 / Q & A " So it can be sad and lonely and dark, and reflect the even further darkness to come."
8 / Q & A " Very few have really seriously engaged into extending the curatorial practice they have within the institutional walls to the web."
9 / Q & A "...on the web it's increasingly about access, not exploiting access or limiting access, but creating new questions about access itself either controlling it or opening it up"
10 / Q & A "it's really part of the process to try and investigate the new forms of economy that we all have to deal with."