Vocabulary In terms of vocabulary I would just like to make a small observation that the medium is not just conducive to nonlinearity but also to juxtaposition in space. One of the exciting things about the medium is it's ability to be perceptibly non-repeating. Every viewer's experience can be different even if the viewer approaches the work exactly the way they did before.

One of the tools that can help make this possible is juxtaposition. start with a 100 still images as a palette. if one then instead uses 2 images at once either next to each other or somehow combined with each other on the same image then the palette increases to 5000. and obviously with moving images or text and/or audio the palette can end up being very large. In this sense I think that there is alot of interesting work to be done that is not interactive but is also not repeating. A work that lasts a week or a year before it repeats.