S I M O N P E N N Y - May 20, 1996 - MoMA

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1 / introduction: " I take a particular technology as both my subject matter and my medium and make a work which uses that technology and simultaneously engages in a discourse with it."
2 / Big Father: " ...the Foucauldian notion of the Panopticon is often counterposed to the Debordian notion of the Spectacle. Big Father proposes that these two are flip sides of the same, they function in a relay..."
3 / tool development flow: " So this is not just a matter of pretty pictures to entertain us. This is a matter of making people operate more efficiently. "
4 / Petit Mal: ". Petit Mal is an exploratory first stage in an specialised esthetic realm"
5 / reflexive engineering: " . The heart of the mechanical structure of the robot is a double pendulum, an inherently unpredictable mechanism "
6 / emergent personality: " I I believe that a significant amount of the 'information' of which the behavior of the robot is constructed, is inherent in the mechanical behavior of the hardware, not in the code."
7 / physiognomy, behavior and mimesis: " I wanted to present the viewer with a phenomenon which was clearly sentient, while also being itself, a machine, not masquerading as a dog or a president."
8 / agents in aocial space: " The vast majority of the information which shapes the understanding of an agent is not inherent in the agent, but is in the cultural education of the viewer"
9 / the engineering world view: " Science and Engineering is not an homogeneous entity."
10 / out of engineering: " if the measures and definitions for human faculties are modeled on the computer, and the computer is an embodiment of a value system predicated on industrial methods of control and production for profit and efficiency, then the person has been successfully reduced to an entity only assessable within these criteria.. "
11 / clever meat: " I want in all seriousness to argue that I think with my arms and I think with my stomach. "
12 / simulation and the demise of body knowledge l: " I would counter that all digital techniques are based on pre-digital techniques, where else can they have come from? "
13 / prosthetical bondage and mechanistic mimesis: " All technology is prosthetic, contrived according to mechanistic approximations of specific task domains which optimize a particular function. "
14 / negotiating engineering and art: " The effects of art practice 'going digital' include the ephemeralization of the art object and elimination of substantial dimensions of bodily involvement. "
15 / sympathetic sentience: " Sympathetic Sentience (by Simon Penny and Jamieson Schulte) is an interactive sound installation which generates complex patterns of rhythmic sound through the phenomenon of 'emergent complexity'. "
16 / A postscript on the emerging aesthetics of interactive art: " There are two currently diverging markets for art. And I use the term art loosely to include fine art and also artfully created media material. The beast and the brain. "