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A Video Curator's Dispatches from China
Beijing, on the map

Barbara London hikes the back roads of the Middle Kingdom in her quest for the best Chinese Media Art.

She is accompanied by F.D.P. Henryz, who is providing audio, visual, and technical assistance on the journey.
Shanghai, on the map
Hangzhou, on the map
Guangzhou, on the map

Starting in Beijing, the trail of dispatches (including images, text and sound) currently contains:
no.1: 9/2
no.2: 9/3
no.3: 9/4
no.4: 9/5
no.5: 9/7
no.6: 9/8
no. 7:  9/9
no. 8: 9/10
no. 9: 9/11
no.10: 9/12
no.11: 9/13
no.12: 9/16
no.13: 9/17
no.14: 9/18
no.15: 9/19
no.16: 9/20
no.17: 9/21
no.18: 9/22
no.19: 9/23
no.20: 9/24
no.21: 9/25
no.22: 9/26
no.23: 9/27
no.24: 9/28

ABOUT STIR-FRY. A Video Curator's Dispatches from China

The Museum of Modern Art, New York Barbara London is Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

F.D.P. Henryz is a Dutch painter.

Many thanks to the following for their invaluable contributions:

Asian Cultural Council
Nick Wu, Minta Technologies
Scott Savitt, BeijingScene
Lorenz Helbling, ShangArt
World Wide Web Artists' Consortium,

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