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andrea scott Monday, October 02,1995, 8:30 PM andrea scott writes:
Ben, I will wash dishes with you.

Wednesday, October 04,1995, 1:59 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
Andrea, I'm sorry that it took me so long getting back to you. With the agnes b. thing coming up, I had to work my part-time job all the beginning of this week and have only just now had a chance to get in front of a computer with web access. To participate, we won't actually be washing dishes together (although that is a nice adea for a project). Instead, we will colloaborate to make a photographic piece of two domestic moments, moments of maintenance separated and connected by our interaction through the web. In more concrete terms, you need to mail to me a photograph of yourself washing your dishes at home. Once I have received it, I will frame it with a photograph of me washing my dishes, and, then, after all of the framed works are exhibited together this winter, the piece will be given to you. If you have any questions please let me know. send to: ada'web, attn: Ben Kinmont, 32 West 22nd. St., 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. thanks. ben.

 Friday, October 06,1995, 6:00 PM andrea scott writes:
ben, thank you for your response and clarification. I did understand the nature of the project from the outset. I will be washing my dishes with you, if only in spirit.

Saturday, October 07,1995, 6:36 PM Ben Kinmont answers: