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Saturday, October 07,1995, 5:46 PM Susan Silas writes:
Dear Ben, I would love to invite you to come to my home and wash my dishes. In exchange I will make you a meal. I just got my computer so I'm not 100% sure that I've given you the correct e mail address but I can confirm it over the telephone. My studio number is the phone book in Brooklyn. I'll be out of town from 16 October to 1 November but anytime afterward would be great. Best, Susan Silas P.S. I'd like to document our visit. Also you can bring Ian to meet Jett.

Saturday, October 07,1995, 6:41 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
susan, actually for this project, unlike others, i'm not coming to people's homes to do their dishes, but am making them a photo- graphic piece, one framed with a photo. of me washing my dishes and a photo. of the participant/recipient washing his or her dishes. a sort of diptych in one frame. once i receive the photo.of the participant (via snail mail), i will match it with one of my own, and then frame it and give it to the participant. that's the general idea, anyway. if you'd like to participate, the address is ada web, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd st. 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. about getting together, that'd be nice. maybe a day at the park with the kids, or something. till then, ben.

Saturday, October 07,1995, 11:54 PM Susan Silas writes:
Dear Ben, First, I wanted to correct my e mail address. It is not - sorry. Secondly, when I first saw the piece at Agnes B. only the first screen appeared and then I got the prompt to send you a letter. Now at home I see that the project is very well defined eg. that you have specific parameters for my participation. So - I agree to an exchange of domestic tasks as stated in the outline of the project but I still propose that we get the two children together and I will document Date Sent: "playdate". Agreed?

Best, Susan Silas

Tuesday, October 10,1995, 11:26 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
sure and i look forward to seeing your picture. yours, ben.

Saturday, October 07,1995, 11:59 PM Susan Silas writes:
Dear Ben, I guess I need three tries to get it. I just located your initial response to my first letter. Will send a photo. Is that the idea. Best, Susan

Tuesday, October 10,1995, 11:30 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
yep. and thanks for your persistance. (you are the first repeat participant - i.e. you also participated in the waffle breakfast piece.) till then, ben.