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Don Willmott Monday, October 09,1995, 7:16 AM Don Willmott writes:
Ben, As an executive editor at PC Magazine whose responsibilities include monitoring innovative uses of the Web and writing about them, I'd be happy to wash dishes for you. Why? Because I'm a lover of art and because I can put the dishwashing liquid on my expense report. I happen to have a big pot of chili at home right now. It's going to be very photogenic when I get it into the sink. Yours in suds, Don Willmott

Tuesday, October 10,1995, 11:34 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear don: fantastic. i can't wait to see the colors... when the picture is ready, send it snail mail to: äda 'web, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd. st., 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. more later, yours, ben.