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Laure Delloye Wednesday, October 11,1995, 11:36 AM Laure Delloye writes:
Paris, sunny afternoon, Wednesday october 11th,1995 Bonjour Monsieur Propre, I love your project on äda and I still love äda so much! I feel so good in the intimity you succeed in creating on the site. Thanks. French people like your soap very much. Where does it come from ? bubblely yours, laure.

Thursday, October 12,1995, 12:54 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear laure, thank you! regarding the soap, i bought it at commodities, a healthfood store here in lower manhattan (tribeca); however, i imagine that it can be bought anywhere where lovers of washing up are to be found... regarding the project, i would love it if you would participate fully and send in a photograph of yourself washing your dishes at home. what will happen, is that once it is received, i will frame it with a picture of me washing my dishes, after which time it will be distributed (free of charge) to the participants involved. If you are in paris, it will be mailed to you gratis. the purpose is to create an alternative economy, one where ada'web gets an interesting project, the participant gets an art work whose value embodies the nature of our interaction, and i get to investigate an unusual art making process (not to mention having a good time). naturally the invitation for participation is dependent upon the resources of ada'web and myself as the project's funders, but i suspect that it will last for at least another month, depending upon the pace of participation, and how quickly photographs start coming in. well that's all for now. i look forward to seeing you scrubbing away. ADA'WEB, attn: Ben Kinmont, 32 West 22nd St., 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. yours, ben.