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Monday, October 16,1995, 10:01 PM Reini Jensen writes:
What a thrill to share your washing dishes in your studio some 3000 miles away. I'll remember and cherish it, thinking of you each time I do dishes, hoping soon to do dishes in person with you, Naomi and Ian. love, RJ

Wednesday, October 18,1995, 5:09 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
reini, what a suprise!! how are you? is med school all that it's said to be (what ever that means...). we are all well. i'm ploughing ahead with various art projects, including this one, and think that it would be great if you were to participate. all you need to do is mail in a photograph of yourself washing your dishes to my attention at ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 West 22nd st. 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. when i receive it, i will frame it with a photo. of me doing mine and then mail it to you upon its completion. it's kind of a way to set up a separate economy for those who participate to get an art work for free, and in an unusual way. i look forward to seeing your pic. and give my love to the family. yours, ben.