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Wednesday, October 18,1995, 1:52 PM Bill Previdi writes:
Ben-- How thoughtful of you to want to collaborate with me on this project. I'm flattered. In order for our collaboration to work as smoothly as possible, I'll need a few questions answered: 1.) You mentioned that that photograph should be no larger than 5"x7", but does that mean you'd prefer it to be horizontal in format, or vertical? 2.) Is 5"x7" the 'perfect' size for this project? Is it the size that would be easiest for you to work with? 3.) Should the photographs be in color, or is B&W acceptable? 4.) Oftentimes, I will do my housework in the nude, but if I were to have the picture taken in such a manner, woould it jeopardize any government funding of this project were you to include a photo of that sort? You're soaking in it, Bill Previdi

Wednesday, October 18,1995, 5:24 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear bill, the size issue is because of the amount of funding i have and the fact that larger frames cost more money. at this point i think that the frame will probably be about 11 x 17 inches (this is to accomodate both photo.s with some space around them). the photo can be vert.or horz., in black and white or color. if you often do your housework in the nude, great! no it won't jeopardize any government funding as at this point adaweb is primarily funded by private patrons with corporate sponsorship. thanks for asking! send the photo to: ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd st. 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. till later then. ben.

Thursday, October 19,1995, 3:40 PM Bill Previdi writes:
Ben-- Sorry to bug you again, but after thinking about your project I came up with another question: Is this "offer" available to everyone or is it only available to those people whom have access to a computer/internet/e-mail? If that is the case, it's interesting to note what happens to the philanthropic scope of your project when it's really available only to and "inner sanctum" of the public. This is not a positive or negative critque, just something that I've noticed more and more as of late: the growing divide between those of us with computer access and those of us without. Could this become more of division than gender or race? Thanks, Bill

Saturday, October 21,1995, 7:24 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
bill, yes, the project is only available to those who can gain access to a computer with web access. and i am familiar with that problem as, although i do have access, it is only through my wife's office when everybody there has finished working for the day. so, if, for example, you have a friend who wants to participate but doesn't have a computer, they can through your own. also you may be interested to know that this is my first project on the web and i am curious about what people do have access, are interested in posting correspondence, and, then, finally do go through with taking a picture of themselves washing dishes and mail it in. usually i do projects out on the street or in people's homes (you can look into ada's context section to find a description of four other projects). whether or not the issue of computer access will become a greater division than gender or race, i don't think so. companies will figure out how to make it available and useable to most all people because it is in their interest to do so (i.e. the companies'). my guess is that it will eventually just become like t.v. but more interactive and exponentially more varied. thanks for your questions. ben.

Wednesday, November 29,1995, 12:18 PM Bill Previdi writes:
Ben-- I'm picking up mine and two other people's pics in a few minutes, I'll drop mine in the mail tonight so you should have them by Friday. OK?

Thursday, November 30,1995, 11:08 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear bill, that's fine. i look forward to receiving them and thanks for letting me know. yours, ben.