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Carla Cannizzaro Thursday, October 19,1995, 3:51 PM Carla Cannizzaro writes:
Dear Mr. K.: I just got word of this unique collaboration between artist and viewer that you are organizing. I would love to be a part of your show as I too consider housework to be an interesting topic. No two people do these same, (somewhat) menial tasks the same you agree? I will be sending my photo off as soon as I get my bear suit cleaned (Bill loves to do his in the nude, but I prefer a bit of fuzzy protection when I do my dishes!)

Saturday, October 21,1995, 7:36 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
carla, fantanstic! the two of you may be at either end of the clothing spectrum. i can't wait to see it. and, yes, i do agree that no two people wash dishes the same. also no two people leave the same mess. till later. ben.