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Tuesday, October 24,1995, 6:17 PM Timothy Oravetz writes:
Ah, the life of the artist! Many do not understand that it includes washing the dishes as well as such mundane tasks as washing the toilet, washing the dog, and washing the body crevices. It is my sincere hope that your work will succeed in revolutionizing our understanding (as ethnologists) of the contemporary artist and how his kitchen differs from those who spend lots of time with their computers. Perhaps people will see that we artists (I am speaking to you artist-to- artist, you understand) are no diffe

Thursday, October 26,1995, 3:39 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
timothy, thank you for your words...really. as you can see i've added your correspondence to the others, but it appears that not all of your message came through. if so, it would be great to see the rest. also, your picture arrived today; its great. more later. yours, ben.

Friday, October 27,1995, 12:47 AM Timothy Oravetz writes:
Indeed, I had much more to say. In my previous communication I explained that we artists are of course no different that regular people. I also explained that I (as an artist) do not have a great many dirty dishes per se, but of course I do have a great many filthy wine glasses, whisky tumblers, beer steins, shot glasses, brandy snifters, etc. Further, I informed you and the artistic community that I have sent you a photograph of me washing a bowl from which I like to drink a special mixture of milk and sa

Friday, October 27,1995, 1:22 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear timothy, thanks for continuing your message. however, it appears that it has once again been cut off mid word, at about the 8th line; i spoke with the person who wrote the program for this correspond- ence section. he remembers that aol. has a small window for messages such as these and that perhaps that is why you are having trouble. at any rate, if you don't mind continuing, perhaps if you hit returns when the message goes beyond the window, and then type the next 8 lines of your message. then, repost a new letter with the rest, etc. i can join them together when i come back to respond. i'm very sorry for the complications and hope that it doesn't deter you from posting your full correspondence. yours, ben. and, by the way, you are right that we artists are no different than regular people. i suppose that that is the main thing that i want to show in the double photograph. and, also, that this same- ness is in fact beautiful.