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John Parris Wednesday, October 25,1995, 11:18 AM John Parris writes:
Dear Ben, So I am here at your web site sculpture. I guess I' supoosed to take a picture of me washing my dishes. Am I to send it electronically? How will I know what to do next? Will you be in touch via the net? In any case I am glad that you can find meaning in the quotidian chores of housekeeping. I find these activities comforting only in their hominess. Unfortunatly for me I would rather be engaged in another kind of repetion: my own artwork. I enjoy the manual repetion of cutting, carving, sanding, and painting. The addtional repetition of mutiples in a series creates a reverberating experience (at least for me). In this way I attenpt to make time stand still ( or at least slow down). And in the realization of the time in between an activity and its twin I can enjoy the purity of that time with thinking what I did and didn't do, only that I am feeling time. The daily chores of cooking cleaning, and washing collapse time for me in a way that makes me aware of how fast time is going by, how little I have done between meals, and how little I might ever achieve. But at least those dishes are DONE. So... your turn. JP

Thursday, October 26,1995, 3:53 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
o.k., john. nicely said. it's true, at least those dishes are done. first, pragmatics: next, if you'd like, send in a picture of yourself to ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd street, 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. i have to agree with your idea of the homi- ness of doing dishes. perhaps that's what i'm trying to do, bring a little hominess into art, make it livable. in someways it must have to do with practice and exper- ience. i suppose that that's also what I find nice about your discussion of making art in terms of your experience. thanks for your thoughtfulness, and i look forward to seeing your picture. yours, ben.