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T.LHER Thursday, October 26,1995, 3:06 PM T.LHER writes:
I'M an anthropologist, and I'd like to know where I can fit in on your project or discussion?

Thursday, October 26,1995, 4:01 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear t.lhr, first, if it doesn't make you feel too uncomfortable, please reply back with your name and e-mail address (if you have one). secondly, i suppose how to participate depends mostly upon you, and what you would like to discuss. to receive an art piece, you need to mail in a picture of yourself washing your dishes. once it is received, it will be framed with a picture of me washing my dishes and then given to you as a gift. other ways to participate are to check another's mail, follow the threads of conversation, and perhaps create your own narrative of what's going on, of the various sides, facets, and texture, etc. of this sculpture which is inevitably emerging. naturally i would be happy to hear your imput as an anthropologist. i look forward to hearing from you. yours, ben.