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Charles Waterhouse Friday, October 27,1995, 3:30 PM Charles Waterhouse writes:
Domestic chores as empowerment is a positive outlook to what some may consider the drudgery of everyday existence. Are you usually so optimistic? Anyway, I don't wash dishes, will a picture of my dishwasher suffice?

Monday, October 30,1995, 11:20 AM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear charles, yes, a picture of your dishwasher will be fine. the photo is meant to be a picture of whatever normal way you would maintain your kitchen, sink, dishes, etc. no, i'm not always so optimistic, though i am more interested in optimism as a modus operandi for an artist...a person...than cynicism or pessimism, two attitudes which are already present enough in the art community and world in general. i'm glad you'll participate. please send your photo to ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd street, 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. till later, ben.