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naomi m. jensen Thursday, November 16,1995, 6:57 PM naomi m. jensen writes:
Hey Ben I've never played around on the net before but I managed to find your stuff anyway. How cool! Technology is amazing. I am in between classes right now, just finished a big math midterm. I have been super busy this quarter, but i have decided to take next quarter off and devote the season to Snowboarding! I'm trying to hook up a job and a place to live somewhere out in Colorado. If I don't have any luck there I'll probably end up back in Bishop for a few months. I hope Mammoth gets some snow! Well I gotta run but i hope all is well with your family. Tell Naomi and Ian hello from Santa Barbara. Take care Naomi

Monday, November 20,1995, 1:44 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
Naomi, how amazing to hear from you! you must have heard of it from reini. well...i'm jealous; i wish i could take a semester off and go to mammoth. naomi, in case you want to participate in this project, mail in a photograph of you doing your dishes to ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd street, 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. the end result of it will be a framed photographic piece, sort of co-created by the two of us. after the photographs are exhibited this january, i will give them to those who participated; in your case, of course, it will be mailed to you, probably via ups. anyway, give my love to your family. in fact, i need to call your mom sometime soon. love, ben. p.s. we're all well - working hard, staying healthy, and still hoping to spend august in bishop. take care.