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r.charles mehl Friday, November 17,1995, 6:07 PM r.charles mehl writes:
it's friday i copied the truisms and sent them to my girlfriend at yale she's trying to become a graphic designer (she's an "artist who uses photography") today i prepared proof copies of a book i'm designing and sent them to the proofreaders i also went to one meeting to discuss the capabilities brochure project (decisions are made/not made by committee) this weekend i'm working on metalsmith magazine and seeing a movie or drinking i'm happy i don't have to move the car until sunday night my dog is named raisa she's a siberian husky she was attacked by a golden retriever two weeks ago at the dog run near yale i didn't notice the hole in her neck until i got to kim's house the sedative they gave her at the clinic made her (1) silly (2) sleepy (3) sick the stitches are hot pink, very early 80s i watched "friends" last night in order to keep kim up to date with the ross/rachel affair i fell in love with rachel between "friends" and "er" i moved the car it's a volvo wagon you can recognize it because it's missing the headlight bezels; stolen i don't have a picture of me doing the dishes my kitchen is a narrow space between the bathroom and the rest of the apartment when i do dishes my back is to the bathroom door when i turn around i look directly into the medicine chest mirror the sink has a single basin, not double like yours (the house on peaks island has a double sink) when i look out the window above the sink i see the southwest corner of the empire state building i use a sponge that's shaped like the silhouette of an apple the foam part is green and the abrasive surface is red i keep the detergent in an opaque pink plastic bottle the drying rack is on the left side of the sink next to the stove the counter is covered in gray flecked formica-like material, very early 80s

Monday, November 20,1995, 2:10 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear richard, or is it charles?, very nice text, a bit of clean air while sitting here in my wife's office. and i'm sorry about your dog (which dog run did it happen at?). and i have to agree with you about rachel in the last "friends" episode. please do find a picture - a polaroid is fine, if it's easier. your description is so clear in my mind that i want to compare it to an actual photograph. thanks. ben. if you can, mail to: ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd st. 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. bye!