Return to letters page. Monday, November 20,1995, 1:46 AM kenny writes:
hi.hope all is well. given your enthusiasm for dishes, my wife-to-be should be marrying you! if i must, and begrudgingly so, a picture will follow.

Monday, November 20,1995, 2:16 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
kenny, well...fortunately (or unfortunately for your dishes) i am already married. however, if you'd like to participate, then, yes, please do send in a picture of yourself washing dishes. when i finish framing it with a picture of me washing mine, you can give it to your wife as some kind of pre-nuptual proof of domestic proficency. i look forward to seeing it. till then, yours, ben.

Sunday, December 17,1995, 4:24 PM kenny writes:
o where o where has my little gif gone, o where o where has it gone?

Tuesday, December 19,1995, 12:26 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear kenny, it's scanned in under your correspondence. ben.

Monday, December 18,1995, 10:10 PM kenny writes:
does this mean i shouldnt look for my participation photo hanging at printed matter?

Tuesday, December 19,1995, 12:33 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear kenny, i'm not quite sure why you would think that your contribution wouldn't be included. it's open to anybody who wants to participate within the time/financial constraints of the project. perhaps you haven't realized where to look for your picture, or perhaps your computer doesn't pick up images? the photo is already scanned in (for about two weeks) under your correspondence. if you're still having trouble seeing the project, let me know and perhaps i can help, or find someone else who can. yours, ben.

Tuesday, January 02,1996, 8:10 PM kenny writes:
happy new year! hope all is well. yes my pc has the capacity to view images and no, the image i submitted is not to be found. someone is playing tricks on me. help, help; unscramble this puzzle.

Wednesday, January 03,1996, 6:26 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
kenny, and happy new year to you. what web brouser are you using? there seem to be some difficulties with the 2.0 betas which ada is looking into. it can be seen on netscape 1.0 for certain (I was looking at it earlier tonight). So, either load that up or be patient. I'll try to get it fixed soon. But I promise, that the picture is there, there is just something strange about the link to the gif. more later, ben.