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Lenore Weiss Tuesday, December 05,1995, 4:14 PM Lenore Weiss writes:
there's an ongoing discussion in our household as to the wisdom of getting a dishwasher. Mostly, it comes down to lack of space and the need to be in touch with the daily rhythms of our household. We still don't have a dishwasher. But I keep checking the sales.

Tuesday, December 05,1995, 5:00 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear lenore,'s a personal decision. i like to use the dishwasher more than my wife, but i just find it faster and as effective. though, if the house we're in now didn't have one, i don't think that i would buy one; just too expensive for me. send in a photo. for the project, if you'd like, to ADA WEB, attn: ben kinmont, 32 west 22nd st., 6th floor, new york, n.y. 10010. good luck at the sales. yours, ben.