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Sean Wiley Wednesday, January 03,1996, 11:00 PM Sean Wiley writes:
Ben, Funny that we should meet here in this nowhere never having met in the flesh despite a lifetime's mediated knowledge of one another. I suppose that it is just another degree of the same sort of relationship that anyone has over the net anyway. I just finished looking at all the images sent in by others to date. I am going to have to let my thoughts about the whole project simmer for later articulation, but what you are doing is interesting. Can I email you a QuickCam still image, thereby keeping the whole thing in bits until you print out atoms on your end? I may well dust off my enlarger and send you something fixed in emulsion anyway, but the temptation to keep it electronic is strong. I had a snow day from teaching today and snowshoed with my brother-in-law instead. -Sean

Tuesday, January 09,1996, 12:45 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear Sean, yes it is strange that this is how we should first meet. Did Doug give you the project's address? It is fine for you to send in the image via email, though you should send it on the following address: You also need to do it immediately as the project is closing. thanks, and I envy you being able to snowshoe so easily. yours, ben.

Sunday, January 07,1996, 12:24 AM sean wiley writes:
Ben- I hope I am not too late to participate. It is thirteen below outside and the barely waning moon lights up the wind-buffeted snow. -Sean

Tuesday, January 09,1996, 12:47 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
Yes, Sean, you can still participate, but please do so as quickly as possible (like today if you can). yours, ben. p.s. we just got back from Marlboro, VT. so I can image the scene.

Thursday, January 11,1996, 4:14 PM sean wiley writes:
Ben I just zapped an attatched pict file to your email address. I am happy with the image. Sean

Tuesday, January 23,1996, 2:49 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear Sean, thanks for participating. Ada's people haven't had a chance to upload your image but they say that it's great. Shortly you will receive an updated report on your e-mail about the way to access your correspondence file now that the project is closed to new participants. yours, ben.