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Monday, January 08,1996, 5:50 PM Erik Nauman writes:
Ben--I finally have had time to browse through your project and I must say I'm enjoying this investment of time and curiosity immensely. I'm impressed with how much time and energy YOU invest in us (all of these people at other points on the web). Now I know what you do with your days while Ian crawls up your legs. I'm back in the swing of teaching and the kids started making commercials for snack foods and drinks today, complete with jingles, visuals, and nutritional facts. They all possess brilliance and show it in different ways. Laurel and I will send a polaroid of our dishes act (it sounds like we put on some sort of show), especially now that we got this new scrub brush thing that she's been looking all over for. This is really fun! Love, Erik

Tuesday, January 09,1996, 12:55 PM Ben Kinmont answers:
dear Erik, how great to hear from you! Yes, please participate, but you need to send in the photo immediately, please. The project is closing at any moment so do it quick! All's well here. We spent the holiday in vt. and hillsdale, ny., which was sorely needded. I only wish I had had another week. Did you guys go to your dad's? How was it? And, most importantly, when are you guys coming out again? We would love to spend some more time together, especially if it can somehow be without the trappings of a holiday, etc. Anyway, love to Laurel and it sounds like you are continuing to do great things with your kids at school. love ben.