Joachim Eckl


A E C F O R U M - "F L E S H F A C T O R"

Dear Gerfried (Stocker), Dear "Open Forum"

"I am from Austria."

Reading all these statements written in English is interesting. I try
to understand and distillate their meanings. My thinking is confused
between my own thoughts and those coming out of the foreign language.
As they are getting more complex my thinking is shifting into German -
my mother-tongue. Here the flesh-factor is calling.

My thinking is incorporated in my language. Language is a
social-biological tool. Within the individual it is generated out of a
social and a personal "body".

To transform my thinking into English is somehow like looking for life
on another planet. Translation is a difficult and time-consuming
enterprise. I have to think in German if I want to elaborate thoughts in
serious depth.

Everybody has linked and framed his primary feelings with his mother-
tongue. Thoughts are guided by feelings.

An example appears in first sentence for the interactive-art-
category-Prix-Ars-Electronica-97-Competition-Rules" on the Web page as
well as in hard copy.

Text in German: "Seit der Erfindung der Elektrizitat ist der Strom
langst zum integrierten Bestandteil der uns umgebenden Natur geworden."
In English: "Since it was first invented, electricity has long
since become an integrated component of our natural surroundings.

......Sounds funny...

I am asking for a translation service be offered by the "Museum of
the Future" for the "Open forum". Just install a translation
machine-service and let us see what happens. Again, here the
flesh-factor will arise in a concrete and bodily appearance.

By using their own language and being able to express their thoughts
properly, a better opportunity would be established for people living in
the AEC's and the Festival's (cultural) neighborhood. This way, more
local participants would be provided with an equal chance to communicate
out of their "world of understanding", out of their language in the

My personal interest is in focusing on how this special type of
inner-reality is created out of a "flat-monitor-picture"-enviroment. How
actively sending light into your eyes combined with swinging
speaker-membranes sending waves on your body and in your ears is building
and in time is cultivating specific forms of pictures of reality. How are
the perceiving organs - eyes and ears - taking in and already elaborating
(creating selected materials for) pictures, when they take in sensory
information out of this two-dimensional reality (sound and vision). And:
How brains are calculating/distillating meaning and sense in and out of
this limited perceiving-process. What role do all other "senses" play
within this 2-dimensional-framed perception-experience in front of a
computer/monitor and how are they linked through brain-work within
a created picture, experience and impression of reality?

I am looking forward to the moment I can join the discussion and send my
statements in the German-language in order to discuss and elaborate
details on the "flesh factor" and on the "digital perception-reality"
produced via computer.


Joachim Eckl