Fax to Reijo Lainela
From Andrea Frank

									New York, 5/13/97


Dear Reijo Lainela,

Marjukka Makel” from the Goethe - Institute Helsinki informed me that you are the 
translator in Helsinki of the circulating sentence for THE INTERNET PROJECT. 
Thank you very much! 
She asked me to give you more informations about the project.
ON TRANSLATION - THE INTERNET PROJECT is a project by the New York artist 
Muntadas for Documenta X in Kassel (June 19 - Sept. 15 1997). It is a collaboration 
between documenta, ada-web in New York (they are making the website and feed the 
translations into the website) and 23 Goethe-Institutes all over the world.
A sentence is translated repeatedly in 23 different languages. Each Goethe-Institute 
has the sentence translated in the language of the respective country and sends 
(faxes) the translation 
1) to the next Institute in the chain (GI Warszawa, Poland: Fax: 48 - 22 6566 052)
2) to ada-web in New York, where the sentence is put on the website 
Fax: 1-212-620 6224
3) to me, the project coordinator(as backup).
The sentence should be sent in big letters and the faxmachine should be set "fine"
or "photo", to make sure that the text is legible.

Each translator will have to translate the sentence about once a month (June - 
September), depending to the speed of the chain - transmissions.
The sentence should arrive in Finland within the next 1 or 2 weeks.

I hope this gives you some idea what this project is about.
If you have further questions, please don`t hesitate to contact me.


Andrea Frank