To : Greek Translators Association
From Andrea Frank

To whom it may concern,

I am the assistant of the New York artist Muntadas and coordinator of his project ON 
TRANSLATION - THE INTERNET PROJECT for documenta X in Kassel (June 19 - 
Sept. 15 1997).
As we are facing problems with the availability of translators, I want to ask you for help 
in one specific case.
First some informations about the project:
The project is a collaboration between documenta, ada-web in New York (they are 
making the website and feed the translations into the website) and 23 Goethe-Institutes 
all over the world.
A sentence is translated repeatedly in 23 different languages. Each Goethe-Institute 
has the sentence translated in the language of the respective country and sends 
(faxes) the translation to the next Institute in the chain, to ada-web in New York, where 
the sentence is put on the website and to me, the project coordinator(as backup).
Each translator has to translate the sentence about once a month (May - September), 
depending on the speed of the chain - transmission.

We started the chain mid April, and it is moving slowly. Unfortunately we are facing 
difficulties concerning availability of translators during holiday times. 
The Goethe-Institutes in Athens and Thessaloniki were not able to find a translator from 
chinese to greek who would be available during the months of May to mid September 
and who could translate our short sentence once a month and send it on to the next 
Goehte Institute in the chain.
Please let me know if you could help us by providing a phone/fax number of a 
translator from chinese to greek! 
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thank you very much in advance.


Andrea Frank