Fax to: Federico Arbos, Director
Spanish Cultural Centre Cairo - Egypt
From Andrea Frank
Project Coordinator
New York, 22/5/97


Dear Mr. Arbos,

thank you very much for the informations concerning the translastions for our project in 

We are concerned about having the chain of translation move steadily.
Is there a way to get the translations done also during the time that
the Instituto Cervantes is closed (July 31 - Sept 6)? That would be great.
(There might be only one translation to be done in Cairo during that time.)

As there are so many languages involved that cannot be emailed, we decided to 
transmit the translations via fax in the future (enlarged, fax machine set on "fine" or "photo").
I want to make sure that you have the right fax numbers, where the next translations 
from Cairo should be sent to:
- ada-web (NY): 1-212-620 6224
- Goethe - Institut Sao Paulo / Brasil: 55-11-8832307
- Andrea Frank, NY

Thank you very much again for your efforts!


Andrea Frank