>From Dick Plukker, Amsterdam
To: andreafrank@earthlink.net

Dear Andrea Frank,

Thank you for your update on the Translation project. I indeed started wondering what was happening to it.

When I did my translation from Hindi, I got the impression that "Systems of analysis" did not make much sense, though as a translation it was correct. I guessed that the first sentence contained a term as "Mitteilungssystem". Today I had a look at the translations and comments; I also saw for the first time the original English sentence, which indeed speaks of "Systems of communication". But quite early in the line of translations the word "analysis" appeared. Now what would have happened if I, or someone else, would not have translated or interpreted, but 'corrected', thus as it where restoring the original phrase, but breaking the gradual transformation of the original sentence?

As I told dr. Hans-Martin Kemme at the start of the project, I will be in India from 25/9 to 23/11. Now you write that we will receive the sentence again next week, so there won't be a problem. But if some delay occurs...?

With kind regards,

Dick Plukker
India Institute, Amsterdam