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llam-adas internacionales 1

äda is everywhere;
report your sitings.

send us found objects
that identify äda:
snail mail photographs,
or other actual objects to
äda 'web
32 west 22nd street
new york, ny 10010 usa

or attach to email your 72 dpi gif
or jpeg under 60k addressed to
vivian@adaweb.com and
we'll let you know when your
contribution will be online.

2 enjoy gambling?
send us your project proposals:

submit a project description or point to html files. (mac formatted material is preferred!)
losing your mind? leave a piece of it in nota. 4 twizzlers url's a poppin'! take us to your favorite sites, show us what we haven't seen. submit them to extension. one coupon per customer.

5 there's so much
more to say,
tell us here
technology in the 90s
the web extension of a lecture series that took place at the museum of modern art in new york
strange days are here,
the web extension of a panel discussion organized by joshua decter (the curator of screen)
which took place at the school of visual arts, in new york
konsent klinik,
in julia scher's securityland

work with us


public parking postcard heavy mailing...
if you send us a stamped envelope with your return address, and you comply with the complex mathematical ratios listed below, you will receive äda'web postcards -- suitable for many occassions.
1 card= $0.32 US,
10 cards= $0.78 US, or
50 cards= $2.62 US

8 you need to know! mm's
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9 shop till you drop

jenny holzer condom exchange offers books, videos, and artefacts created by the artists who have worked with äda'web, such as jenny holzer, julia scher.

rocking bear 10
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partnership opportunities are coming soon,
featuring mo' beta viewing and äda'phenalia!

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