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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 17:36:32 -0400
To: adaml
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada 'web announces the release of "screen" and *exchange*

ada 'web ( is pleased to announce the launch of "screen" in
its *influx* dimension. the project is located at:

screen is a web extension of a painting exhibition which includes a television
and a video monitor showing images of the very same paintings on display in
the gallery.  the premise of the exhibition is to confront the manner in which
we relate to different types of images.

the exhibition will remain on view at the friedrich petzel gallery in new york
(26 wooster street; tel: 212 334-9466) until february 24, 1996.

on february 14, ada 'web celebrates valentines and will open its *exchange*

this new dimension is an on-line shopping facility, where you will be able to
purchase books, magazines and magazine subscriptions, videos, and editions.

put your money where your heart is!
till later,

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 17:03:18 -0400
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada's newsletter#2

ada 'web is pleased to announce the launch of *nota*, our guest book,
available on-line since march 17.  one may post comments on the site in
general, or on a selected three projects currently available in the site:
this selection includes "securityland" (in the *project* dimension), "screen"
and "love" (available in the *influx* dimension).  comments can also be posted
in response to other's remarks.  each entry is also tagged for a viewer to
communicate directly with another via e-mail.

in our *context* dimension, you will now find two new directions, in addition
to the investigate files:
-       *events* will present forums developped in relation to conferences,
lectures, or panel discussions to take place in real space.  "strange days"
inaugurated this direction on march 17.  soon to follow (march 29) is
"technology in the nineties", organized in collaboration with the museum of
modern art in new york.
-       *associate* introduces the web extension of "purple prose", a
paris-based magazine on contemporary culture.  *associate* will soon present
two other contributors: "permanent food", a magazine about
magazines, as well as "dn/a" (drawing on air), a curated project by laura
trippi, laura kurgan and john simon jr.

you will notice that we have changed our buffer page.  this page inaugurated a
series of artists' designed pages made in reaction to the enactment of the
"decency act" (an integral part of the telecommunications
act, passed in early february by the united states congress)

hope you enjoy your next visit!


Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 17:30:52 -0400
To: adaml
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #3

ada 'web is pleased to announce the on-line release of *technology in the
1990's*, a web extension of a lecture series organized by the Video Program at
the Museum of Modern Art, new york, at:

the web site was developed in collaboration with Barbara London, associate
curator of video at the museum, and Sally Berger, curatorial assistant.  it
consists of information on the lecture series and on the lecturers, as well as
an introductory text by Barbara London.   web visitors have access to a
bulletin board wherein they can engage in a discussion based on topics selected
by each speaker.

once the lecture has taken place, transcripts will also be available on-line,
both in text format and as "xing" sound files.

        to download the "xing" software, please go to:

the *technology in the 1990's* lecture series explores the relationship
between art and technology. it presents a selection of artists' viewpoints on
how they use technology in their work, and how they relate to it.
lectures will take place at MoMA, in the Roy and Niuta Titus theater 2.  Jane
Veeder will speak on april 8, Julia Scher and Benjamin Weil, on april 15; Jim
Campbell, on may 13 and Simon Penny, on may 20.

the *technology in the 1990's* site is also accessible from ada 'web's home
page (

enjoy your next visit!

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 20:29:53 -0400
To: adaml
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #4

ada 'web is pleased to announce the online launch of *Drawing oN Air (dn/a):
an evolving system for distributed art,* organized by laura trippi, curator,
with John Simon, artist and software designer, on Friday, April 12.

the site is accessible from the home page ( by clicking on
the dn/a logo, or directly, at:

dn/a is a Web-based infrastructure for curatorial and creative practice that
encourages exchanges between online and offline sites.  Conceived as an
adaptive system, rather than a static architecture, dn/a admits a changing
roster of participants including producers, users, and sites.  dn/a produces
spatially dispersed, thematically interconnected webs with a cross disciplinary

dn/a begins with *Engaging Infrastructure,* an accumulating online archive and
discussion forum on the intersection of art, infrastructure, and information
technologies.  April 12 - May 11, dn/a will be "in residence" at Printed
Matter, New York, an artists' bookstore that also features small scale
exhibitions.  A computer station offers visitors access to the online archive
and forum.  On Saturdays, the station will be staffed for guided tours.

dn/a at Printed Matter is presented in conjunction with Ben Kinmont's *We Both
Belong:  archive and distribution* which is the continuation of *We Both
Belong*, the artist's project on the site (in the *influx* dimension) and *The
Materialization of Life: into alternative economies,* organized by Ben Kinmont
and David Platzker.

The three exhibitions open together Friday, April 12, from 6 - 8 pm.

At 7:00 pm on Wednesday, May 1, dn/a presents a roundtable discussion on
art and infrastructure at Printed Matter with Andrea Fraser, Ben Kinmont,
John Simon, laura trippi, and Martha Wilson, among others.

Printed Matter is located at 77 Wooster Street, New York, 212/925-0395.

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 13:26:56 -0400
To: adaml
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #5

it's been a long lapse since the last newsletter.  however, there has been
quite a lot going on!

first of all, have you checked out the new interface?  it's been up since last

this interface functions along the principle of enhanced access to the
        - you will notice the index, on the upper right corner of the home
page: it is a drop down menu that enables you to go directly to the project -
or information - you are looking for.
        - the small gifs below the large "logo" will keep you abreast of our
latest on-line projects:  they might be bulletin boards, artists projects, or
content developed by our associates (so far, dn/a and purple prose.  permanent
food will come later than originally expected)
        - if you scroll down, you will find content organized by cluster, that
will also enable you to access to content faster.

please let us know what you think, if there are any modifications or
improvements of all kinds you would like to see happen.


if you have a moment, we also recommend that you check vivian selbo's project
in microsoft slate's gallery.  it will be up until next week (,
from the content table, look for the gallery).  a slightly different version of
this project will soon be on adaweb.


on august 15, microsoft slate will offer a preview of matthew ritchie's *the
hard way*, a multi dimensional project that will at a later date (august 30,
most likely) be launched in *influx*.  the hard way will be developed in
phases, and will include a game-like interface, a listserv, as well as reports
on various expeditions matthew will be taking over the course of the next two
phase 1 will present the seven characters and the seven earth that are the
core of *the hard way*.

matthew describes his project as a "... narrative describing the nature of
information.  It is a parallel history, a map of the past redrawn as a story,
pitting archetypes against myths.  It could, in this sense, be described as a
meta narrative.  It is a story about the act of story telling.  Each element
embodies a characteristic of information processing - trial and error,
observation, ...  The complete narrative serves as a simple model of thought,
an iterated algorithm of consciousness."


on-line since yesterday is keith tyson's *replicators*, in *influx*.  this
projects invites you to create your own piece of sculpture from a text
description; this description will change every time a new replicator is made.
a map will enable you to locate each existing replicator.  each of those pieces
of scupture will be authenticated by the artist.  eventually, there will be an
exhibition of all the replicators, which will hopefully travel.


next week, look for *10 ways to contribute to ada 'web*.  we trust there are
lots of things we can do together, and these are our suggestions for your
getting more from the site, by helping us adjust to your needs, while
participating more actively.  *10 ways...* will be accessible from the home


finally, for those of you who do not watch much television, or happen to live
outise of the united states, ada 'web was featured two weeks ago on msnbc's
*the site* (this program is every friday night).

as always, we welcome your feedback, and look forward to your comments and

we also wish you a pleasant remainder of the summer.

        - the ada team

ps: please mail us names of people you think would like to receive this
newsletter.  also, please let us know if you would prefer not to receive this
any longer.  all correspondence should be addressed to

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 21:54:24 -0400
From: (benjamin weil)
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #7

finally, here we are, back after a long lapse of time.  as the holiday season
is kicking in, here are the goodies:

on december 1st, ada 'web inaugurated general idea's web site, as a
contribution to aids awareness day.  the site will eventually grow to offer
more, in the meantime, download a screensaver with general idea's famous aids
logo, derived from robert indiana's love logo.

the project was co-produced with the museum of modern art (, new
york, and by artaids, a british-based organization funded by artec and the arts
council of great britain.

on december 10, we launched *vertical blanking interval*, a project by vivian

in our context dimension (associates), please check margot lovejoy's

please check *securityland* for a completely remodeled *konsent klinik* (as of
Xmas time, or maybe new year's?)

we'll be back with more news next year.  in the meantime, the whole ada 'web
team wishes you a pleasant holiday season, and a happy new year!

john borthwick, cherise fong, ainatte inbal, cheryl kaplan, andrea scott,
vivian selbo, and

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 21:40:18 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #8

dear subscribers,

ada 'web is pleased to announce its participation in "port", an exhibition of
on-line projects, organized by artnetweb at the MIT list visual arts center, in
boston.  the exhibition is scheduled to be on view until march 29, 1997.  a web
site presenting the exhibition and the various projects on view is at  a calendar is accessible from there, which enables
you to access the projects on-line and exchange with the visitors at the list

two of ada 'web's projects were selected:  *homeport*, the palace-based
project by lawrence weiner, and arrangements, david bartel's project.
we would particularly like to encourage your participation in homeport.  the
schedules of display at the list center will be every other tuesday, from 3 to
4pm (EST) starting february 10.  if you have not yet done so, please access
homeport's fact page, from which you can download the free palace software

homeport will also be accessible for one month, starting february 15 at the
leo castelli gallery, 420 west broadway, new york.

for those of you who might be attending milia (in cannes, france, february 9
to 12) ada 'web will be presented (off-line, unfortunately) at the cicv booth.
cicv ( is an institution who we have been working with for
the development of *on se comprend*, a project by antoine moreau, on-line at since last summer.
more information about milia is available at .

we also would like to let you know that ada 'web's current interface, as well
as three projects have been selected to be included in the permanent collection
of the san francisco museum of modern art (SF MoMA).  these three projects are
*vertical blanking interval* by vivian selbo (,
*the hard way* , by matthew ritchie (, and
general idea's project for aids awareness day

last, but not least, if you still have not had a chance to do so, tomorrow is
the last day for you to cast a vote for ada at the "webby awards"!  just come
to the site, and a pop-up window wil appear at the left of your screen.  if you
would rather go directly to the webby awards site, it is accessible at

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 13:33:19 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #9

dear subscribers,

we are pleased to announce the on-line release of 5 new projects:

first, the url's:
"loaded 5x" is at
the new "konsent klinik" is at

*the hard way* version 2.0 is at
"i confess" is at

jodi's "%20Demo" is at

and now, the "blurb:"
in the *project* dimension, doug aitken's "loaded 5x" is a hypermedia story
about five characters, and the threads that link between them.  the narrative
starts from the end, and one proceeds through what may have brought the
characters together, in a non linear fashion.
doug aitken worked on the narrative structure and the text with dean kuipers,
an editor of ray gun magazine.

for those of you who have not had a chance to visit "securityland" lately,
please note the release of the new "konsent klinik"
also, "securityland" will soon have a another new area, "wonderland".
estimated on-line release date is april 15.

in the *influx* dimension, please visit the newest version of matthew
ritchie's "the hard way".  in addition to the presentation of the characters,
you can know be assigned an "avatar," vote to determine their futures, and
participate in a discussion that will inform the next iteration of "the hard

GroupZ has just released "i confess", a parody of on-line games.  the
interface and sound effects mimic "doom", and the goal of the game is quite

as part of its new *associates*, ada 'web now is proud to have jodi.  jodi is
a group of two artists who have been creating web work for about 18 months,
hosting them on different servers throughout the world.  those projects can be
accessed at  their new project, "%20Demo," is
available through the *context* dimension, in *associates*.


the ada 'web team

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 16:11:35 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #9 1/2

ada 'web announces the online component of The Museum of Modern Art, New York
"Technology in the 1990s" lecture series, at  The web
site has been co-produced by The Museum of Modern Art, New York
(, Rhizome Internet 
( and ada 'web.

the web site offers an introduction by Barbara London, Associate Curator,
Department of Film and Video, who organized the series, as well as a brief
introduction to each lecture is available. transcripts will be on line 5 to 7
days after the lectures have taken place.
Each lecture has its own b.b.s., where the discussion of topics raised during
the lectures can be further investigated.  the site also offers links to a
selection of each lecturer's web pages.

lecturers this year are Ken Feingold (April 7), Natalie Jeremijenko (April
14), Diller + Scofidio (April 21), and Sawad Brooks (April 28)
Lectures take place at The Museum of Modern Art, in The Roy and Niuta Titus
Theater 2, at 6:30 p.m.

enclosed here are excerpts from the press release:
Artists are among the forerunners in the current period of rapid technological
development, pioneering the design of interactive and virtual reality
environments and producing original work on the Internet. In its annual lecture
series Technology in the 1990s, The Museum of Modern Art invites leading
figures in these fields to demonstrate and discuss their work. In this year's
program, [lecturers] explore the wide variety of new art forms that are being
powered by the computer.
The social and informational applications of digital technology often
overshadow the recognition of its potential as an artistic medium. This year,
Technology in the 1990s, now in its fourth season, will examine the specific
characteristics of digital media art, distinguishing it from similar practices
that use digital technology, such as graphic design, computer game design, or
movie animation.
"We live in energetic, ever changing times, truly an ongoing revolution.
Science and technology increasingly influence the languages with which we
communicate. Artists are using these languages, and as time goes on the voice
of art within technological society becomes stronger and more influential,"
says Barbara London.

Individual program descriptions:
Ken Feingold (April 7): "The Interactive Art Gambit ('Do Not Run! We Are Your
Friends!')." Active since 1970 in video, installation, and computer art, Ken
Feingold has shown his work in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions in New
York and abroad. Feingold will discuss how creative interactive works straddle
both media art and electronic entertainment and how they engage contemporary
art discourse. He will also explore the ways in which interactive media artists
calculate and steer the desires and drives of their audiences.

Natalie Jeremijenko (April 14): "Database Politics, Virtual Reality, and
Social Simulations." Natalie Jeremijenko has worked in research at Xerox Park,
Advanced Computer Graphics Center, and Monash University and has exhibited
works in numerous technical media festivals in Europe, Australia, and the
United States. In this talk, Jeremijenko will address the biases implicit in
rendering the world as digital information. Today's encyclopedic
data-collection projects serve both to define database fields and to impose
conceptual divisions; these divisions in turn determine public understanding of
information. Jeremijenko will use her own recent projects and those of the
Bureau of Inverse Technology, of which she is a member, to illustrate how
information can be used to restrict or prescribe representation.

Diller + Scofidio (April 21): "This Is Not Now." Diller + Scofidio is an
interdisciplinary studio involved in architecture, the visual arts, and the
performing arts. Elizabeth Diller is associate professor at Princeton
University, and Ricardo Scofidio has been a professor at Cooper Union since
1965. They will look at how media culture privileges un-mediated transmissions
(live or "real-time" events) and present work that occupies the space between
actual and technological time: "live" and pre-recorded broadcasts, "real-time"
and computer-based imagery.

Sawad Brooks (April 28): "Kinograffiti." Sawad Brooks is an artist and
research assistant in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences at The
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Brooks will discuss kinograffiti, a term
he coined to describe fascination with images involving motion. Computation,
with its power to animate images, plays an important role in kinograffiti,
which Brooks will discuss in relation to Western ideas of time and memory.

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 19:45:37 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: ada 'web newsletter #10

dear subscribers,

ada 'web is pleased to announce the release of three new projects:

this project was co-produced with Documenta X and the Goethe Institutes world
wide.  available at:  and at
(for those of you who are logging on from europe).  as of june 18, post
reference texts, comments, and translations in the "backstage" area of the

Jackpot, by Maciej Wiesniewski
explore the web, and win...

Happier Days, by Roth/Stauffenberg (courtesy The Thing NY)
view the pictures, write your stories, and win... or just read... and you
don't loose!

have you been posting lately?  check out the technology in the 90s
discussions, at

some of our latest favorite hangouts (that is, the ones which are not in our
extension page (
zaw (zero advertising web!):  tour the web clicking on the banners, or view
them all in one place: do not miss the zawshow!
[... und? add other ones... please]
fleshfactor online symposium: an impressive discussion on the body in our
electronic culture (
Main Unsanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity) http://Infobahn.COM/pages/anagram.html
Bill's Homepage
Truth Is A Moving Target
Electromagentic Poetry
I can eat glass (translation site):

and, as always...
we welcome your feedback in *nota*...

see you soon,

the ada 'web team.

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 21:43:20 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: adaweb newsletter #11

executive summary  : )

adaweb ( is pleased to announce the release of interface
4.0, featuring a new look and feel and a completely rethought navigation.

with the launch of interface 4.0, adaweb also introduces "usage"
(, a new dimension in the site, which will be in
development throughout the month of august.  "usage" is adaweb's backstage
area, where you can have access to information on the site.

currently available is
- part one of our survey ( ) "tell us about
you--tell us about us"
- site-wide search engine >(, available from
all the dimensions via the question mark  (?).
 - "10 ways to contribute"(, where you can find
out how you can increase your participation so to enhance your experience of
the site

in the context-investigate dimension, adaweb presents new and improved artists
files, that provide background on the artists adaweb has worked with, along
with an introductory text on their project, put in the perspective of the
artists' ongoing body of work.

we also take the opportunity to inform you that adaweb is becoming a
non-profit organization. it's become increasingly clear over the past two years
that our activities are not commercial and we are restructuring the company to
reflect that: adaweb was conceived as a creative laboratory, a research and
development platform on the web, and the transition to non-profit status
underscores that mission.

as always, feedback is valued.  please post your comments in


the adaweb team
cherise fong (, susan hapgood (, ainatte
inbal (, andrea scott (, vivian selbo
(, and benjamin weil (
with the interns: isabel chang, brian clyne, and david lantow

Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 19:20:38 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: adaweb newsletter 11 1/2

       executive summary       : )

1/Stir Fry, a report from China:

lunch @ the wall, thursday september 18 at 12.00 pm, 55 broad street, lobby,

3/: Meme Me:  Identity in the Replication Age

       and now, the "chunk"    ; )

1/adaweb, in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York
(, announces the online release of Stir-Fry, a journal of
Barbara London's journey in China.  During her month-long trip, Ms. London will
scout the media art scene in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou, and
will post interviews and photographic materials from her studio visits, as well
as notes and reports on her trip in general.  This trip is aimed at presenting
a selection of those works that will be seen at the museum this fall.  Barbara
London is the Associate Curator of Video at MoMA's Film and Video Department.
The site will contain sound and video streaming provided courtesy of
Progressive Networks, Inc.

2/ lunch @ the wall is a series of presentations of web sites and projects on
the video wall located in the lobby of the 55 broad street building.  These
series is organized by Kathy Brew, the director of Thundergulch  (a downtown
cultural association for the promotion of art and new media).
Benjamin Weil will introduce the web site, and make a quick show and tell of
Vivian Selbo will present her project,  Vertical Blanking Interval
Matthew Ritchie will guide us through his, The Hard Way

3/ Two project produced by adaweb - Please Change Beliefs, by Jenny Holzer,
and Replicators, by Keith Tyson - were selected to be part of Meme Me:
Identity in the Replication Age.  This online exhibition is curated by Louise
McKissick, as a concurrent event to ISEA 97 (Chicago), this years annual
conference organized by the International Society for Electronic Art (URL).

more news soon,


Benjamin Weil
curator.exe | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104 

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Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 00:34:35 -0400
From: benjamin weil 
Subject: adaweb newsletter #12

	executive summary	; )

1/ "Map the Gap" at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, 
97 Kenmare Street at Centre Street (Cleveland Place)
opening october 18, 1997, 6-8PM.  until  november 29.

2/ the Berkeley Oracle, by Jochen Gerz, 
produced by the Berkeley Art Museum

3/ "Reflex", a monthly collumn on new media art
by Timothy Druckrey

a s   o f   n o v e m b e r   1 5

1/  "Map the Gap" is a 3D documentary organized by the adaweb team, as an 
attempt to trace the  collaborative process with the artists we have been 
working, for almost three years now.  Documents of all nature are 
assembled to reveal each artist's different understanding of the medium, 
as well as her or his evolving thought process as the production takes 
We see this display as an extension of the browser's "view source" 
function, as the process of "building a page" is not as obvious as the 
coding that an html page reveals.  And yet, the web is often understood 
as a "transparent medium" precisely because each and everyone can look at 
source codes.

With the web, art definitely becomes detached from the notion of the 
mastery of a medium, proceeding with the most "avant garde" artistic 
research of the 60s and 70s.  simultaneously, the exploration of this new 
medium led by artists may very well be one of the most compelling forms of 
research led on the nature of the space of information.

Please join us for the opening!
97 Kenmare Street at Centre Street (Cleveland Place)
opening october 18, 6-8PM.  until  november 29.

2/  The Berkeley Oracle is Jochen Gerz's second project for the web, and 
is produced by the Berkeley Art Museum.  His first, "The Plural 
Sculpture", was produced in the summer of 1995 by The State University of 
New York.  Both projects reflect upon the notion of a medium heralded for 
being able to foster community building, as well as for providing access 
to an encyclopedic amount of information.  The Berkeley Oracle is 
available in English, Spanish, German and French.

3/ As of November 15, adaweb is happy to welcome the internationally 
acclaimed media critic Timothy Druckrey, who will report monthly on his 
latest thoughts about art and new media, as he proceeds with his 
extensive traveling for lectures, symposia, or festivals around the 
world.  He recently edited "Electronic Culture", published last December by 
Aperture in New York.  He has also published extensively both on-line and 
off-line, in such magazines as Parachute and Telepolis.


the adaweb team (ainatte inbal, andrea scott, benjamin weil,
cherise fong, vivian selbo)
with the continued support of thomas degremont, susan hapgood,
conrad newman, matteo ames, and brian clyne

nb: to unsubscribe, email to
with the mention "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Benjamin Weil
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Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 11:19:33 -0500
From: Benjamin Weil  
Subject: not a newsletter!

       executive summary:

         adaweb wishes you a 
         vacuously indulgent 
         committed celebration.

      '! season's        ` ~!      
       !           : > <>..:!      
    u~~***~""  `'""?" Fhui.uu!HX:  
 '!!!!<!                   !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!                   !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!                   !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!                   !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!                   !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!     greetings     !!!!!!!>
 '!!!!!!                   !!!!!!!L
 'M!!!!!                   !!!!!!!F
 'R!!!!!                   !!!!!!!>
 t$$$R*"""```  .. .. ..`)?"*$$$@M$E


ps. if the above bears no resemblance to anything recognizable 
whatsoever, either set your emailer settings or preferences font to 
Monaco or Courier, or lay off the hard stuff. cheers.

               '"**#` '":     
                   @/`M$$x x'!
              xo   TF*R$$$*R#2   xxoxoxox !

    kisses from the adaweb team

Benjamin Weil
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 13:25:48 -0500
From: (Benjamin Weil)
Subject: adaweb newsletter #13

executive summary:

1/ reflex:
2/ blindspot, by Darcey Steinke:

1/ in december 1997, the identity of a number of media and art critics was
usurped, as an unknown individual posted messages in various bbs'es and
listservs under the name of those critics.  Timothy Druckrey, who was the
first "victim" of the scam, posts "fast, cheap, and out of control", a piece
that reflects upon the event.  Druckrey has also invited the others whose
identity was borrowed -- namely: Mark Amerika, Pit Shultz and Joshua Decter --
to post their comments and/or accounts on the way they relate to the scam.
as with the other pieces in the collumn, readers are encouraged to participate
in a discussion on the issue, by posting feedback.

2/  adaweb is pleased to announce the release of "blindspot" in the *project*
dimension of the site.  "blindspot" is adaweb's first collaboration with a
fiction writer.  Darcey Steinke is the acclaimed author of "suicide blonde"
and "up through the water". she also published an anthology of texts about
the bible, "joyful noise: the new testament revisited" which she co-edited
with Rick Moody.  for further information about Darcey Steinke, please consult
our "context/investigate" dimension, at
"blindspot is at

for further information, please contact Andrea Scott (
or Benjamin Weil (

Benjamin Weil
exe.curator, ada 'web | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 13:01:22 -0500
From: (Benjamin Weil)
Subject: adaweb newslettter *special edition*

Dear Subscribers,

Due to restructuring at Digital City, Inc, adaweb's parent company since
February 1997, adaweb has lost its funding and will consequently stop
producing any new content.  

The team is currently completing the last project, "Dataspace", a
collaboration with Laura Kurgan.  We are also in discussion with a prominent
art institution in the United States, who will most likely be hosting the
site in the future.  In the meantime, the site will continue to be accessible
at its regular url (

A future newsletter will keep you abreast of adaweb's new whereabouts, as
well as of the online release of "Dataspace".

In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your continued interest
and support. It has been a privilege to share with you the fruit of our
collaborations with the artists we were fortunate to work with.

for further information, please email to,
or contact Andrea Scott, Vivian Selbo or Benjamin Weil at 212 620-7288.

with best regards

the adaweb team:
Cherise Fong, Ainatte Inbal, Andrea Scott, Vivian Selbo, and Benjamin Weil.
with Susan Hapgood, Thomas Degrémont, Conrad Newman and Brian Clyne.

Benjamin Weil
executed curator, ada 'web | | 212 620-7288 ext. 104

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