LOVE consists of 7 series of 7 pages.
They are linked together in an interface that lets you navigate from page to page in
5 directions. From almost every page you can reach 5 other pages. And yet it is not easy to reach all 49 of them.
Like in real life, LOVE sometimes stops when you don't expect it to.

The interface of LOVE uses Frames and Javascript. It was made for Netscape Navigator version 2 but it'll probably work with higher versions and Internet Explorer 3 too. If you're still using an older browser you can take a look at the pages of LOVE without the interface by clicking this.

This interface will also be a lot more fun if your computer has a fast video subsystem that can show 256 colors, preferrably at a high resolution (1024x768). You should maximize your view pane (resize this window to fit your entire screen and hide Toolbar, Location and Directory Buttons in the Options menu of the browser).

As mentioned, LOVE consists of seven series.
The first is called "She loves me". The second -"Forever Young"- is part of a life time project MichaŽl Samyn is working on: "Temporal Insanity", about his teen years. "Forever young" shows pictures, drawings, quotes from letters and other souvenirs of (girl)friends he had in that period of his life. "Romance" is the third series. "The Love List" is actually not a series but a single page that appears seven times in LOVE. It is a list of names of people who love each other and you are hereby invited to add your own love to it. It is sort of like an old tree in which you can carve your name and the name of the one you love. "Three, the One and Only" is the name of the fifth series, "Sade" the sixth and "The End" the seventh. Have fun!


LOVE is about love. The people who have made this work are heterosexual. Instead of pretending to know anything about homosexual love we chose to use mainly images of heterosexual love. We hope our gay fellow men and women will be able to abstrahate and appreciate what we have done nonetheless. This is about love in general, not about some preference or another. We wanted this to be said because we want you to know that in our work we try to never take anything for granted.

We'd like to thank the adaweb crew for their support while making LOVE. We are especially grateful to John F. Simon, Jr. for his technical assistance, Vivian Selbo for the translation of the de Sade quotes and Benjamin Weil for waiting.