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This diagram represents the structure of LOVE. Each page is represented by two figures. All pages with the same first figure belong to the same series.
There are six series of seven pages each. (1x = "She Loves Me", 2x = "Forever young", 3x = "Romance", 5x = "Three, the One and Only", 6x = "Sade", 7x = "The End")
And there is a seventh series of seven times the same page ("The Love List", the 4x series).

11 22 33 44 55 66 77
21 32 43 54 65 76 17
31 42 53 64 75 16 27
41 52 63 74 15 26 37
51 62 73 14 25 36 47
61 72 13 24 35 46 57
71 12 23 34 45 56 67

You can move up, down, left and right by clicking on the U, D, L and R buttons on the sides of the window. If you click on the LEFT-button when you are at the utter left of the diagram you end up at the other end on the right, for example: clicking on "L" when you're at 51, will bring you to 47. The same system applies to RIGHT, UP and DOWN. You can also move diagonally by clicking on links in the pages themselves, that way remaining in one particular series. Either way, if and when you reach one of the pages of the "The End" series (series 7x) you return here. To see the rest of the 49 pages you will have to start over.
Or you can cheat by clicking on their numbers right here.