"HOME" was written for Netscape 1.1. With previous versions or browsers that cannot handle HTML 3.0 it will not make a lot of sense. It has been adapted to be compatible with later versions of Netscape but to see it in all its splendor you must use Netscape 1.1.
Furthermore "HOME" is meant to be seen at 800x600, which we thought to be pretty average. It works nicely at 1024x768 too though.
In "HOME" there is a link on every page. You just have to find it. Sometimes things will happen which you didn't expect, just sit back and wait. Don't worry: none of the files we used is bigger than 30K.
We have translated the original Dutch "HOME" text to English. If you think it is translated badly, please let us know.
You should interact with "HOME". Start with a maximized window and try scrolling and resizing.
Of course you should Options/Auto Load Images in "HOME"!
You can also find 'secret links' to some of our favourite www-sites in "HOME"!
Go "HOME"!
Go "HOME"!
Go "HOME"!

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