about Drawing oN Air

Drawing oN Air (dn/a) links trends in art and exhibitions toward open, participatory systems to the evolving architecture of the Internet. Based in a web site, dn/a produces spatially dispersed "thematic webs" connecting creative practice to works of criticism, science, and popular culture.

Since the spring of 1996, we've been housed at adaweb, producing thematic webs on a project by project basis. We've worked with Printed Matter, a non profit distribution center for artists' publications, the Walter Phillips Gallery of the Banff Centre for the Arts, and most recently, the cyberatlas project of the Guggenheim Museum web site and magazine.

The dn/a home page button is made from the "discovery image" of a new supernova, SN1995F, by amateur astronomers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A supernova is a stellar explosion signalling the death of a star.