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1 / introduction: " It's very hard to avoid the theme of control in computer art because computers are fundamentally designed to be controlling devices."
2 / the computer program and randomness: " If the new element to film was time, then I think that the new element to interactivity is the present. And it is the program that connects the present to the past."
3 / the computer interface " It has been my experience that intuitive interaction through an interface can only be possible if that interface is able to understand any input of its type. "
4 / memory: " The difference between an interactive game and an interactive work of art is not just in the subject matter."
5 / vocabulary: " the medium is not just conducive to nonlinearity but also to juxtaposition in space. "
6 / choices: " the Discrete decisions are dealt with by the logical part of the mind and continuous decisions are dealt with by feelings or the intuitive part of the mind.."
7 / control: " Computers are fundamentally about control and I think they probably always will be."
8 / more control: " Control: Is the viewer interacting with a character in the work or the structure of the work in space or the structure of the work in time?"
9 / conclusion: " Possibly as we understand more about communication, it will be possible to express not a thought but a fragment of a way of thinking and growing."