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The work by Julia Scher was mentioned earlier. I think that if it had to be only by Julia Scher, probably the work wouldn't exist today.

It exists because we worked together on it, it exists because people came with technological solutions for her to be able to make that work - confronting concepts and technical resources - it exists because other people might have more graphic insights, it exists because she has been able to provide the spirit for it. It is a whole mosaic - a web - of energies that come together.

Before it gets to be viewed by anyone, or experienced by anyone, it is a mosaic of energies in the first place.

To go back to the idea of painting that was being discuss previously, I think a Web page functions in a certain way like a painting in the sense that is a composition, that it has a narrative and that is frozen into time. The main difference is the way it can evolve, it is not fixed, but these pages are fixed, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the project is fixed.

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