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The Project: Sounds and colors is a composition tool where users can associate colors, sounds , and letters and use these elements to compose small sound and color works---sketches or compositions in language, sound and color.

In the final version of the project, participants will be able to submit pieces to a library of works, select and play pieces from the library, and collaborate with other users. Users will also be able to their hear pieces as they are filtered through an "averaged" palette : an averaged set of color/sound associations based on the the usership of the project within different internet domains.


The project has four discrete "processes" (note: some buttons will not appear until you are at a place where you can use them).


Make discrete composition elements from a palette of sounds, colors, and letters.


Arrange and size these elements in the composition space.


Perform and record a composition by holding the mouse button down while dragging the record instrument across the canvas.


sign and submit your piece for others to see and to use. (not yet functional)

submit button

    Once you have played your piece you will (eventually) be able to submit it to the library. This version won't allow that yet . . .


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