J A N E . V E E D E R - April 8, 1996 - MoMA

i n d e x

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1 / introduction: "without distribution you are nothing"
2 / digital art, a ten year update: "Now everyone understands that digitial culture means interaction with everything"
3 / tool development flow: " So this is not just a matter of pretty pictures to entertain us. This is a matter of making people operate more efficiently. "
4 / tool development flow, continued: "... the information, the technology transfer, is the students who come out of these schools"
5 / frame-based vs. object based software: " ...big media companies have moved into multi-media. And they're going to be wanting slicker stuff. And they are willing to pay for it. "
6 / artistry emulated in the tools: " I don't know what painters say to themselves when they look in the mirror in the morning, knowing that fractal painter exists."
7 / artistry emulated in the tools, continued: " They evolve. They interact. Viewers interact with them, and then it just goes."
8 / the entertainment economy: " Also, we're moving out of an era with government funding for the arts. Okay?"
9 / the entertainment economy,cont: " So artists, the model of the fine artist as the studio artist is, you know, just not really very practical anymore."
10 / the beast and the brain: " There are two currently diverging markets for art. And I use the term art loosely to include fine art and also artfully created media material. The beast and the brain. "
11 / ride films: " And so the ride you're taking is really in your own body with your own hormones, which you know, is un for the frontal lobe. So you are set up for each plunge. It's like physical lurch, graphical plunge. "
12 / the cognitive and the perceptual: " Once we have interactive television, you have titles which don't have beginnings, middles and ends, but evolve in a way similar to muds currently, which are multiple user dungeons, where there is kind of an ongoing narrative. There are characters. People can join. Choose their characters. "